Project Management

CAMCLAD project management means having a single point of contact to help you with planning, sourcing materials and labour and ensuring health and safety regulations are met

How much easier would project management be if you only had to deal with one person?

Do you need to carry out substantial repairs or refurbishments on a property? Will you have to liaise with lots of different craftsmen and suppliers? Are you worried that coordinating all their efforts could be a bit of a nightmare?

The best way to reduce the hassle for you is to appoint someone who knows what is involved and is used to the challenge of managing building initiatives, to run the project for you. Having an expert you know and trust managing the project will save you worry as well as time and effort.

If you choose Camclad to take this role, here are seven things we can take care of on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

  1. We can plan the project for you, sorting out which jobs need to be done and in what order.

  2. We know where to go to source the labourers and craftsmen to do the work.

  3. We have been in the business a long time and know how to pick the right people for the job.

  4. We have an intimate knowledge of the materials involved and can help you choose the most suitable materials within your budget range.

  5. When work begins we know the correct health and safety procedures and we can ensure they are adhered to.

  6. We can ensure that the amount of disruption to the occupant of the building, be it you or somebody else, is kept as small as possible.

  7. We can act as a single point of contact for all these people so that no matter how many aspects of the work you have to discuss, the only number you’ll ever need to call is ours.

CAMCLAD Refurbishment

Helping you to improve your building is our bread and butter. At Camclad you can rely on us for matter of fact, straightforward advice and excellent customer service. We will always aim to work with you giving you the best value for money and the best quality solutions to fit your budget.

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