Camclad offers over 20 year experience of high quality, long lasting cladding repair, refurbishment and new build services for industrial, commercial and retail buildings. Before considering any alterations to your building, ask for our free expert advice on choosing materials and best-practice repair or refurbishment work that will restore your building to be as good as new and save you time and money.

When you are looking for somebody to repair or refurbish any part of your building you want straightforward no-nonsense advice which you can rely on. With Camclad, that’s what you will get. We are friendly and flexible, willingly undertaking jobs of all sizes; from cleaning out gutters and gullies to re-roofing a warehouse, from budgets of £100.00 to £200,000.00 – we’re here to help you, after all.

Here's how we work...

Unless you are one of our regular customers and we already know your property well, we will need to visit your premises to determine the exact nature of the problem. That done, we can work out the most effective solution which fits your budget. In our view there is no point quoting for expensive replacements if a repair will solve the problem effectively. That would be a waste of resources, everyone’s time and your money.

With over 20 years in the business we have a wealth of experience and knowledge which we can put at your disposal to help you choose the most appropriate materials and repair for your budget and circumstances. We will always advise with your situation in mind, rather than our own.

Our customers know this and that’s why 70% of our work load is repeat business. It may be why over 90% of our new customers stay with us, too.

In short, Camclad offers principled, sound advice, reliable repairs and a high quality of service. Can you afford to choose anyone else?

CAMCLAD Refurbishment

Helping you to improve your building is our bread and butter. At Camclad you can rely on us for matter of fact, straightforward advice and excellent customer service. We will always aim to work with you giving you the best value for money and the best quality solutions to fit your budget.

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